The Raventree Society

Kyle Hanson was not a believer.
That was a bit hypocritical since he made his living as a paranormal investigator on a TV show that was highly rated among it's demographic of unemployed college dropouts and late-night drinkers. Despite that, he was quite proud of his resilient doubt until the night his brother disappeared while recording an episode in the supposedly haunted woods around Greensborough, Louisiana.

Season One

Season Two

Complete Second Season (Coming in October)

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The Ghosts on the Rooftop

Kyle Hanson is the boy who gets kicked out of every summer kids club. Who makes misbehavior into an art form. Who's family struggles to understand just what is wrong with him.

And Kyle wonders too. Is there something wrong with him? And can it be fixed, or will he always be broken. And if it can't be, is he still worth his family's love? When an argument turns into something much more dangerous Kyle decides its time for a change. But that choice brings him face to face with his worst fears in the form of a ghost who finds him on the rooftop outside his bedroom window.

This short story is a prequel to The Raventree Society series and is available only on my website, Medium, and Wattpad.