Week One

  It’s been about two weeks since I became a published author. What a rush! It’s been a long journey. Some of it has been hard, a lot of it has been fun, but all of it has been well worth it. To be dead honest, even if no one ever reads it, it will still be worth it to me. I wrote it for my readers, yes. But even if no one ever picked it up, it's still a huge accomplishment. How many people say they are going to write a book, and never actually finish it?

  I’ve always loved writing. One of my primary forms of entertainment while growing up, in fact, was writing. The first “book” I wrote was a folded-over handful of paper with hand-drawn pictures on one side and one or two sentences on the other. Each page was a "Chapter". It was about a girl getting lost in the woods and, in those days, I was still into American Girl Dolls so it was named "Meet..." I can't remember the name. Probably Ivy. All of our dolls were named Ivy or Daisy back then. 

 I finished two books as a teenager. Not good books, not at all. But I finished them. I wrote a good chunk of many more. 

 Even as an adult, I had an occasional bout of writing. It was on a “when I feel like it” basis and usually I would get a few chapters in before something happened to my computer and I lost all my work. Technology hates me. (Maybe that's why I write Sci-Fi) 

  When I finally got serious, it was fast. One moment I couldn’t have cared less, the next I was a couple thousand words into my fantasy novel. I wrote every day, every second I could, and began daydreaming about publishing. I researched like a crazy person during that time and finally decided on self-publishing.

 That was my fantasy novel. My “baby” that I’d been working on since I was eleven. (Well, the first few chapters at least. I rewrote those about ten thousand times).

 Since then I’ve written three more full-length books, a couple short stories, and my recently published novella. That’s a lot in two years. I have to say, I am proud of myself. It was not a walk in the park.

  One thing that has been helpful through this whole process is my ridiculous love of research. I like it a lot. Like...a lot.

  For the past two years, I have been devouring information about writing and publishing in every form I can get it. Constantly. I might not be an expert writer, but I am a professional. I’ve met those mandatory 10,000 hours and then some. I will always be learning, but I figure, why not take you guys along for the ride. That’s what this blog is for. Once a week, every Friday, I will catch you guys up on what I am learning and give a few tips. I hope you enjoy it!