Recommended Reads

       I have read many self published books that I find quite enjoyable and great reads. These, however, are those books that I feel showcase the very best of Self-publishing in craft and professionalism and that I would rate at 5 stars for at least one or more of the books in the series. 

         If you want some specific suggestions, don't hesitate to email me and ask for some books to try. If you want to see what other books I have read or am reading, be sure to look me up on Goodreads where you can find an up-to-date list of what I have read, and am reading, both self and traditionally published. You can find me there under the name J.E. Purrazzi. 

PFW Books


  • Storming, K. M. Wieland (Dieselpunk)

  • The Matsumoto Trilogy, Sarah K. L. Wilson

  • The Creation of Jack Series, E.B. Dawson


  • The Lost Empire Trilogy, E.B. Dawson

  • The Unweaving Chronicles, Sarah K.L. Wilson

  • Dreamlander, K.M. Wieland

  • Beaumont and Beasley Series, Kyle Robert Shultz

  • Dragon School: First Flight, Sarah K. L. Wilson

  • Skies of Dripping Gold, Hannah Heath

  • The Steward Saga, Janelle Garrett

  • The Fallen Banner, Rob Nugent


  • The Get In My Head Series, S.M. Holland


  • The Jenkin's Cycle, John L. Monk

  • Fort Rewind, Sarah K.L. Wilson

Currently Reading

  • Child of the Kaites, Beth Wangler

Indies on my TBR (not an exhaustive list)

  • After the Event, T.A. Williams

  • The R.E.M. Effect, J. M. Lanham

  • Way of Spears, Natalia Leigh

  • The Reporter CW Crowe

  • Owen, Tony Riches

  • The Crimson Queen, Alec Hutson

  • The Beaten Path, Paul Saylor

  • Eden's Demise, Angelique Anderson

  • Renegades of Peace, T.A. Hernandez

Recommended Resources

  Writing Tips


  • Story Grid Podcast

  • Writing Excuses

  • Start Writing Podcast

  • The Story Shots Podcast

  • The Every Day Novelist

You Tube



  • Anything by K.M Wieland

  • On Writing, Stephan King

  • Writing Deep Viewpoint, Kathy Tyers


Marketing and Self-Pub Business


  • Mark Dawson: Self Publishing Formula

  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy Marketing Podcast

  • The Author Biz

  • The Creative Penn

  • Rocking Self Publishing

  • Sell More Books Show

  • The Story Studio

  • The Fearless Fiction Podcast

  • The Phoenix Fiction Writer's Podcast

You Tube


  • Your Book Your Brand, Dana Kaye

  • How to Market a Book, Joanna Penn

  • Bootstrapping For Indies:Self- Publishing on a Budget, Simon Whistler

  • Your First 1,000 Copies, Tim Grahl

  • Self-Publisher's Legal Handbook, Helen Sedwick




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