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 The Legend of Tawhiri the Heart Thief

Moana meets Peter Pan

As a child Tawhiri was plucked from the ocean, marking him as a demigod. Destined to turn his back on his people and return to the sea.

Now the only question left is, will his love for his people save him or condemn him?

Free serialized story available in first draft form on my blog.

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Stealing Life

A classical Cyberpunk story, this piece of short fiction blends the best of Ocean's Eleven and Blade Runner.

Ameonna and her team of mercenaries are on the brink of the single most important heist in their careers. They must break back into Bakemono Corp to rescue the disembodied consciousness of their friend, Neal, who died saving them from experimentation at the hands of the massive weapons manufacturer.

Boasting gorgeous visual descriptions, cybernetic wings, a man with no face, and a bionically enhanced cat, this short story is sure to scratch the Cyberpunk itch of any enthusiast.

Currently available exclusively through Phoenix Fiction Writers as part of The Phoenix Fiction Writer's Anthology alongside works by authors Kyle Robert Shultz, E.B. Dawson and Beth Wangler. Free to subscribers of the PFW newsletter.

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Stealing Freedom

A classical Cyberpunk tale, Stealing Freedom takes the story of Stealing Life and explores the structures and corruption within it.

Koya came to the United States in an effort to escape the horrors he suffered at the hands of Bakemono Corporation. The corporations will not leave him in peace though, and a new bill is poised to open the United States to the evils of the weapons manufacturers.
When Koya is abducted by a figure from his past and given a mission to kidnap the president and convince him of the evils of the corporations, he becomes suspicious of his employers. But the harder he fights to get away the deeper he is dragged down. It seems his only chance at freedom might be ripped from his hands.

Available exclusively in the Phoenix Fiction Writers Antihero Anthology.


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August 18, 2019