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So I (Re)Watched Jurassic Park

   When I was growing up, we didn’t have Television. We lived overseas so we had one channel, on which Australian TV shows like Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and the 2000 Sydney Olympics played. Shortly after that, the one channel we had stopped working and we were down to our collection of VHS movies. Yes, I’m old. It’s sad.

  Of course, over the course of the next couple of years, those old movies were watched and rewatched multiple times. The thought of watching a movie more than once might be difficult to comprehend in this current age, with everything available at the tap of a finger. It used to happen, though. Especially if you grew up like me, without a local movie theater or Blockbusters. Wow, I'm dating myself. 

  One of the movies in our list was the old classic, Jurassic Park. You know it. Swelling musical score. Mosquitoes encased in amber. Green jello shaking on a spoon. Yeah, I’ve seen it a few times. I still haven’t read the book, though. My husband, who barely reads anything, has read it. I haven’t. Pathetic.

   Recently the Jurassic Park movies were added to Netflix. The other night I decided I wanted a to watch something that I could relax to and just enjoy. I settled back to watch the old favorite and before long my husband joined me.

 It was such a joy seeing the movie for the first time in what must have been around ten years or more. As I watched I couldn’t help but marvel at just how much the experienced has changed. Watching as a child (skipping all the actual attacks, because that’s how my family was) I never caught any of the subtly, or even some of the things that were not so subtle. The entire set up with the corporate espionage meant absolutely nothing to my poor little mind. Even with the description that was given, the DNA and genetic modification just quite carry the impact that it does now.

 Rewatching after having gained so much wisdom and knowledge from just living life, was like coming home and having the furniture moved around on you.

  It is often said that time heals every wound. It’s an often said, and sometimes wrong, cliche that hides the reality: Wisdom is a precious commodity. We live in a world where age has lost its value. It's become something to fear and mock. What we choose to miss out on, when we ignore the insight those that came before us, is the perspective that might make life that much better.

 What childhood favorite have you experienced again as an adult and seen in a different light? The worst one for me was Jack's pizza. I used to love that stuff. Drop a comment down below and share your thoughts.