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Community Week: J.M. Sullivan and Author Confession

  One of the best things about writing is the other writers. As with most skill sets, there are particular things that writers integrate into their lives to get the best result possible. There is a special language we speak, patterns that evolve, mindsets that we adapt. Because writing is such a secluded career writers are eager to take advantage of any chance to get together with other people who can understand and help us. In this community, people are generally very eager to help each other.

  J.M. Sullivan is an author who has facilitated one of these essential hubs of writer connections by creating a hashtag on twitter where writers can answer questions and connect. Recently, she’s also reached out to a larger audience by adding a youtube channel with the same goal.

 Resources like this aren’t just for the writer community. If you are a reader, the Author Confession hashtag and the youtube channel are great places to find new books to read and to hear from your favorite authors. If you are a lover of books, be sure to check out the author community and J.M Sullivan. She is an author herself who writes twists on some great well-known stories.

 Don’t just take my word on it. J.M. has graciously agreed to write a guest post for me, detailing some of the amazing work she’s done.

From: J.M. Sullivan:

  Hi, Guys!

My name is J.M. Sullivan, and I am the author of The Wanderland Chronicles, a dark fantasy retelling of Alice in Wonderland set to debut Summer 2017. I am also the host of one of Twitter’s Writing Games, #AuthorConfession. The beautiful and talented Jillane has been an active participant since the onset of #AuthorConfession, so when she asked me if I would share a little bit about the project, I was more than willing to oblige.

What it is:
#AuthorConfession is a game I started on Twitter as a way to build the writing community and connect with other great authors. I figured I always wanted to know what my favorite writers’ secrets were, so what better way to find out than to ask?

How it works:
Each month, I create a new set of questions. They can be about anything, but most are related to reading, writing, and WIPs (works in progress). I post my monthly graphic as well as weekly graphics each Saturday) for the participants to check in and draft their answers. Then, using the #authorconfession, they post their answer on the corresponding day.

How it’s growing:
When I started this game I couldn’t have ever dreamt it would do as well as it is. I have had so many authors join in and it has just been such a blessing being able to connect and network and learn from them. Since it was so well received on Twitter, I decided that I would branch it out and now we even have #AuthorConfession on YouTube! With this platform, I have been able to personalize it for authors a bit more, and I have weekly guests who come in as Confessioner interviews and answer a few questions about their work. At the end of each segment I also feature 3 Quick Pitches, where authors promote their work (whether in progress, querying or published) to share with readers and other writers! It has been such a blast seeing what everyone is up to!

Want to get involved?
If you would like to participate in #AuthorConfession, you can follow the hashtag on Twitter, or connect with me @_JM_Sullivan to find the prompts on my Profile page. OR, check out YouTube AuthorConfession and watch our weekly videos! If you would like to be a participant, make sure you watch the Introductory Video for guidelines and then email me at authorconfession[at]  to get started!