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So, I Watched Spider-Man: Homecoming.

 Of course, I did. I got the chance to go see Homecoming on opening day with my family. It was a blast, sitting next to my little sister as she fan-girled all over the screen. It was a good little break from this month’s crazy.

   In most superhero movies these days there is a lot of damage done. In fact, this is the theme that Homecoming opens with, depicting the reconstruction efforts in New York after the events of Avengers.

 Homecoming did a great job stepping away from the “world ending” stakes that most marvel movies threaten, choosing to focus on a single, smaller event for its climax. A great choice for so many reasons. But there is a fair amount of destruction in Homecoming. Most of it is, without argument, Peter Parker’s fault. A fact that Tony Stark doesn’t hesitate to point out.

  All of it comes around to tie beautifully into Parker’s character development and to the theme of the movie. Not that “with great power comes great responsibility” but that power is the reward for choosing to take responsibility.

  Making mistakes, failing, is something that we will all face in life. Sometimes those mistakes hurt us, sometimes others. Sometimes those hurts aren’t things that can be fixed with an “I’m sorry” or escapism. More often than not, taking responsibility for our mistakes can be painful and scary. But when we are willing to take on that pain and stand on our own two feet we will gain a power to do good in our own lives and in others lives.