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Malfunction Cover Reveal.

  I had big plans for last week that would have included a rave review of something or other. (I won't tell you because I love you all, and I don't want you to know what you missed out on) It just so happens that I am the most technologically inept sci-fi author of all time. When people say "write what you know" I laugh and go back to my make-believe worlds where I am accepted as I am. It's ok, though because you might have missed out on hearing my oh so valuable opinion last week, but this week you get the real deal. To celebrate the first month anniversary of my becoming a published author, I have something extra special for you. That's right: The cover reveal of book one of the Malfunction Trilogy! 


 A race of violent, predatory aliens has invaded earth, driving humanity beneath the earth’s crust. Menrva is a geneticist in the underground city of Bunker. She does her job and goes straight home every night without looking for trouble. All that changes the night her childhood best friend, Cowl, shows up asking for help.

 Bastille is a weapon. A product of scientific modification, he was built to stand between the aliens and mankind. Three years ago, Cowl fished him out of the system. Together they’ve survived in the dangerous, danger-riddled caverns beneath Bunker. There was one thing he could not escape: the bionic spine that allows people to hack his body.

  When a particularly bad episode leaves Bastille in desperate condition the two friends are forced to get help from Menrva. It’s a choice that will leave all three fighting for their lives and that may cost the human race theirs.


   Cover created by Poole Publishing Services

   Cover created by Poole Publishing Services