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My Top Five Film Adaptations of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

   I suck. I did it again: I forgot to post on Monday. So, I went ahead and set reminders on my phone. The worst thing: I was thinking about this all weekend while hanging out sick in bed. I still didn’t get it out in time. Sorry guys!

  I also didn’t get a chance to run a poll for the subject of this week’s Top 5. That’s right. I am finally back on schedule and putting out another Top 5

 So I’m winging it this week! I’m choosing my top five movie or television adaptations of SFF book. I have decided to include movies from books that I haven’t read based on whether or not they have lead me to WANT to read the books. I know, cheating, but I have some things I wouldn’t be able to put on the list if I didn’t. I’m cheating a little bit on a few other fronts as well. Why, well, I’m indie published, I’m already breaking the rules. 

 5. Harry Potter

 I didn’t grow up with Harry Potter like many kids. I read most of them in one year when I was like, 15. I think the series was up to The Half Blood Prince at that point. I have read all the books and seen all the movies, but I have to admit, I can barely remember the books. It’s been so long since I read them through. My little brother is not the biggest fan of the movies, and there are a few things that are different from the books, but overall the movies did a wonderful job of furthering the wonder and joy in the books. It didn’t take too many liberties but didn’t chain itself to the source material where it would have bogged down the movies. They also divided the last book into two movies for VERY good reasons, unlike...a certain...yeah. Let's not talk about that.

4. The Hunger Games:

 I’ve only read the first book of the trilogy that changed the YA genre forever. I honestly don’t remember YA being a thing before The Hunger Games. I’m probably wrong, but it at least changed it for me. I have not heard a single person yet complain that the movies did a poor job of conveying the books and I know that for the first book at least (I have the other two on my shelf and I will get to them sometime next year...I hope) the movie did an excellent job of portraying the books and adding a whole new dimension with the visual and audible experience. Once again, I think the choice to divide the last movie into two was a good one.

3. Treasure Planet.

I’m not shy about my love for this movie. Here is where I twist the rules, because the original book was NOT a speculative fiction work (arguably, but I don’t intend to argue). While Treasure Planet was not a box office success for Disney, I will eagerly call it my favorite Disney movie any day. As much as I love the original story and all the versions that have been adapted over time, I do think that Treasure Planet is a better story in general. The characters are brilliant, the themes powerful, and the emotions...well, there is hardly a misstep (accept the stupid robot. Goodness)

2. The Expanse

 I haven’t read the books, but WOW do I want too. I heard good things about this show and within the first twenty minutes of the premiere, I was in love. The action is powerful, the protagonist easy to connect to, and every intricate cog of this world is carefully placed. It is storytelling at it’s best. I can’t wait to get my hands on the books and see how closely the show adheres.

1. The Lord of the Rings

 You should have guessed this. Did anyone guess this? I watched the first Lord of the Rings movie as a preteen and literally gripped my seat the entire time. I gobbled up the books after that first movie and by the time the third movie had come out, I had already read them multiple times, the Hobbit included. My sisters and I used to have the most intense detailed conversations about the world and characters. We read the Silmarillion, owned every soundtrack, watched every second of extra footage we could get our hands on, and lusted after the detailed collector’s items included with the DVDs. I reread those books at least once a year during high school and still pick them up today with just as much joy. And those movies...there is no other experience quite like watching a Lord of the Rings movie. Goodness, I want another marathon now just talking about it. I credit Lord of the Rings for making me into a writer in the first place. As I’m sure, can many of you.

 So, what are your favorite film adaptations of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books? Am I forgetting any good ones? Which ones do you return to over and over again? Be sure to leave your answer in the comments and keep in touch for some great stuff happening over the holidays with my writing! And, since we are right around the corner, Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you get a chance to read some great books and watch some awesome adaptations over the weekend.