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So, I Watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2

  I, like many authors, am an introvert. I know, shocker. Us creative types usually LOVE people.

  As such, I hate parties. There is always too much going on. There are awkward groups of people that are impossible to “break into”. There are conversations going on all over. There are cramped spaces where a decent-sized woman like me can’t squeeze through. There are booby trapped meetings with strange, awkward people.

  Every once in a while a party will surprise me, though and I end up having a genuinely great time. Usually, it's in the form of a deep conversation with an individual or a game that ends up actually being a lot of fun.

  This is exactly what Guardians of the Galaxy felt like to me. Not the “I don’t want to go” aspect. More in the fact there was just a LOT going on in this movie. We met new characters, explored multiple relationships, and chased around at least three different lines of action. It could have been a nightmare. Instead, I laughed the whole way through.

  It took a while for the scattered plot to coalesce into the action packed, emotional climax but because the humor kept me entertained along the way, it wasn’t hard to keep my interest.

  Isn’t it strange, what a good laugh can do? Whether it’s a good comedy or friendly quip on the way through a checkout line humor has the ability to harm and offend or to disarm and comfort. As an author who depends on humor in some level for all my writing, it never ceases to amaze me just how powerful a good laugh is. Unfortunately, it’s also very subjective. Laughter is also a great barometer for friendship. It seems the best way to tell when I am close to someone is just how easily I let go and laugh. 

  Do you have someone you can laugh with? Did you do some of that laughing while watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2? I’d love to hear your thoughts.