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Malfunction Release Party Schedule.

   Hey, guys. Isn't life amazing? A few years ago I was sitting on my bed, wondering if I would ever do anything in my life that would last. Right now, I'm only a few short weeks away from the release of Malfunction. That is my second published book and my first FULL novel. That's right, a whole 90,000 words. A nice big book. Should be, with as long as it took, right?

   Anyway, to celebrate I'm throwing a huge Book release party on my FB page the day before release. That is October 7, 2017. If you haven't yet, head over to my FB page and like or follow, join the event! It's going to be amazing!

  As part of the Event I've asked some amazing writers from Sci-Fi, Fantasy and beyond to share their works. Most of them have even agreed to host give aways. So, do you want to know what it is we are going to be doing? 

   Here is the schedule: 

  •  Sat Oct 7. 6 PM- Start!
  • Intro and Welcome!
  • Author Spotlight: S. M. Holland
  • Book Give Away: Get In My Head: Jared's Story (e-book) 
  • Character Introduction: Menrva Penniweight
  • Book Give Away: Wool by Hugh Howey
  • Author Spotlight: Janelle Garrett
  •  Book Give Away: The Hidden Queen (ARC!)
  •  Author Spotlight: E.B. Dawson
  •  Book Give Away: Traveler (ebook) release Sep 15!
  •  Character Introduction: Bastille
  •   Exclusive Malfunction Short Story! Topside (ebook)
  •   Author Spotlight: Sarah K. L Wilson
  •   Author Spotlight: Steve Evans
  •   Character Introduction: Cowl Coven
  •   Book Give Away: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card (Paperback)
  •   Author Spotlight: T.A. Hernandez
  •    Book Give Away: Secrets of the Peace (ebook)  
  •    Author Spotlight: Angelique Anderson
  •    Book Give Away's: Eden's Serum AND Eden's Demise (ebook)  
  •    Book Give Away: Malfunction (ebook)
  •    7:00 Q+A with Featured Author
  •    Closing and Final Book give away: Signed Paperback of Malfunction

   Talk about an amazing line up! I couldn't have been more blessed. These authors are all amazing. Some are my Critique Partners, some just friends, but I've read books by all of them and I wouldn't have asked them on if I didn't think there stuff was well worth the read. So look them up, check out their books. 

   We have NINE books being given away in an hour and a half here! Janelle's fantasy book will be an ARC copy, that means you'll have it available before it's even on sale. E.B. Dawson's fantasy novel is a new release. And the short story I will be putting out is not going to be available anywhere else and it is not a give away: you get the code just for showing up. 

   I can't wait to share all this with you guys. And the very next day, Malfunction hits the virtual shelves. I can hardly believe it! I hope to see you guys there