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So, I Read Red Rising

Say that three times fast.

Ah, the English Language. It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

I finished Red Rising just in time to get this out today. What is Red Rising? It’s marketed as a Dystopian, but, while the part is largely Dystopian in nature, I would argue that Red Rising is a Biopunk, like Malfunction. It’s not a widely known genre, however, and not what was popular at the time so I can see why it was categorized as it is.

 At first, I had a hard time with Red Rising. I had listened to some of the earliest chapters on audiobook form. The premise interested me a lot, and the concept is right up my alley but the prose got to me a bit. I’m picky about my point of view. It’s something I worked really REALLY hard to be able to see and understand so it’s very obvious to me when it’s not done well.

 But eventually the story caught up to me and I got sucked into the world.

 That is one thing I’ve learned about writing. I can know all the craft, have the prose on point, even get lots and LOTS of help to make the spelling and grammar passable, but none of it means anything if I have a worthless story.

 Maybe this is true of more than we know. I know it’s often true of my life. I mess up. I mess up a LOT. Sometimes so much that I wonder how I got to be where I am.

  I’m a cynic. I’m sarcastic. I can be downright cruel and I usually have very good “reason” for it. (I think Malfunction protagonist Menrva got a good helping of this trait) I’m lazy while also somehow being an overworked airhead. I’m forgetful. I tend to complain a lot and demand attention that I don’t need or deserve.

 In other words, I’m human. My Point of View is, let's say, off.

Despite all that, I have an amazing life. I’m a loved wife with an amazing job, a family that most people would kill to have, minimal to no dramatic backstory and a bright future ahead. I grew up in one of the most beautiful places on earth and I currently live in Florida. While yes, I do hate it, it’s not a bad place to call home.

 Things go wrong, yes. And I can always find something to complain about, but often that’s because I’m focused more on the “prose” than the “story”. I ignore the bigger picture and complain about how the story being told.

 This is actually a huge theme in my upcoming novella, Infraction. What I’m not saying is that “the end justifies the means” or “Do what you want, it will all work out in the end.” There are some mistakes that are pretty hard to come back from. What I am saying is maybe, just maybe, it’s not all on you.

 I believe there is a God writing my story. The Author and Perfecter of my faith. But maybe you don’t. But you are probably not alone either way. Friends, family, even strangers on the street, can help turn your mistakes into victories so that your story is something worth telling.

 I know mine will be.

What about you? Are there any books you’ve read or movies you’ve watched that you have really enjoyed even if the method of delivery was less than ideal? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.