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My Top Five Facts About Infraction

  This Friday the second Malfunction Trilogy Prequel Novella is making its big entrance into the world. I know, I know, it’s not book two. And I’m sorry about that. But Disintegration is still under the knife and needs a bit more time before it reaches its peak of perfection. I don’t want to give you guys a book that is going to fail the expectations that Malfunction set up.

  But I wanted to introduce you guys to Infraction and convince you that it’s a worthy way to spend your time while you wait for Disintegration.   

5. Infraction is much slower paced than most of my books.

     Because of the subject matter, Infraction is actually a much slower-paced book. It might be a bit of a turn off for some of my readers, but I assure you, there is at least one good action set piece to keep you entertained. Everything else is a mixture of tactics and family drama.

4. Infraction has the first truly tragic ending of any book I’ve written

      Wait, you might say. There is no way we can define Malfunction as anything but tragic. And you would be right about that. But Malfunction has two more books to follow it up and Infraction more or less stands on its own. Because the ending really was sad, I tried to add some extra closure and “good feelings” but there really is so much you can do. And if you have read Malfunction or Revelation you will know exactly why I am saying this.

3. In Infraction we will get to explore all new areas of Bunker

     So far we’ve pretty much only seen three areas of Bunker. The Compound, the Hub, and the Pit...which is not technically part of Bunker. But a lot of the action in Infraction happens in the Farming Tier. Specifically, with the part of the Farming Tier that focuses on growing plants. It was so much fun to step into this new part of Bunker and get to know the people who inhabited it.

2. For those of you who love him, Cowl Coven features Prominently in Infraction.

      One of my favorite things about writing Infraction was getting to see Cowl from a new point of view. He’s much younger in Infraction, and it shows in his immaturity, but that’s almost what makes it the most fun. Also, the eyes we are seeing him through are Starke’s, someone who loves him and knows him better than anyone else.

1 Infraction is the second of what will be multiple Prequel novellas.

       My eventual plan with the Malfunction Universe is to have multiple Prequel novellas. I will be compiling these into collections wich will be available in paperback and will have short stories between each novella. My original plan was to have five and to put them into one, rather large, book. However, I’ve added novellas about my other two Malfunction main characters to the plans, so I will probably split the collections into at least two other volumes. It might take a while, but I think these will be a really fun addition to the Malfunction Universe.

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  I really hope you guys are looking forward to reading the newest addition to the Malfunction Universe. You can pre-order it now through Amazon.  And remember, if you read this and you just can’t wait, a free copy is available NOW through my Writing Partner’s email list. If you go sign up for Janelle Garrett’s email list you can get an entirely free copy. And Janelle is a pretty epic writer! Her debut book “Rift in the Deep” is going to be released soon, and it’s an amazing epic fantasy novel with monsters that made me squeal with delight on more than one occasion.