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So, I Watched Voltron Legendary Defenders.

  I don’t consider myself a geek. Not in the traditional sense. If I were to pick a side I’d probably fall on the less celebrated side of "nerd-dom". There are a few stories that I get pretty involved in. I am a storyteller, and to want to spend your life telling stories, you have to love them.

   There have been very few stories that I couldn’t get out of my head. Even fewer that I can say have actually changed my life. Funny, how many of those stories are kids books or cartoons. One of my favorites was the fantasy hit Avatar the Last Airbender. Yes, I’m one of those.

  When I heard that the makers behind Avatar were also the creators of the hit Netflix show, "Voltron Legendary Defenders", I decided that it was worth checking out. My sister first started pushing me to watch the show and I was skeptical. But after about three shows, I started inhaling the episodes that that one Robeast in Season Two, Episode Three.

  Voltron Legendary Defenders is a reboot of a well-loved television show from the 80s. The Space Fantasy has been given a new look, with anime leanings, and an entirely new story.  Five heroes from earth join with a space princess and her comrade to fight against a threat that stands against the known universe. The story sounds cliche, I know, but the most important bit to any story is the execution. In that aspect, Voltron is as close to flawless as you can get.

 The fact is that Voltron is a reboot in a massive cloud of reboots. In a world where success often trumps artistic integrity in media (be it books, movies or TV shows) there has been more than a few reboots and sequels pushed on us lately. Some of these we love. The expansions to the Star Wars universe are held in high regard. Anything in the Marvel Universe is set to get attention, not matter the subject matter. (Hey, talking raccoons.) Harry Potter fans might complain about every new production added to the world, but they line up to see it either way.

  The team behind Voltron understood that in rebooting this classic they couldn’t ignore the history of the show, but they couldn’t recreate the same thing. They chose to put their focus on deepening the characters and their relationships and in bringing new and powerful messages such as familial love, healing, support, and the power of friends to overcome adversity. The result is a show that has made a huge impact on pop culture in a very short time. People connect to other people, so the choice to focus on character development while still managing to keep a blistering pace has paid off in big ways. 

  Very often we as people find ourselves facing a similar dilemma. Each of us is a part of a greater whole. We are members of a family tree, a country, a society, of the creatures we call the human race. We bear the weight of out history. That is not all we are, though. We are also individuals with unique skills and traits, each with a future all our own. Just as Voltron had to balance between the established history of the show and the unique gifts that it's creators have to offer so are we often forced to balance between who we are as a part of the whole and who we are as individuals. The key word here is "balance". Just like the creators of Voltron, and the characters in it, we have to find the value in both aspects to live wisely.

  Are there any remakes/sequels that you love? Share in the comments and let me know which ones.