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So, I read Bleak House

  This is not my typical Sci-Fi or Fantasy review. I just finished this book, however, and decided that it was probably best to write a review of something that was fresh in my mind.

  People have strong feelings about Classics. A lot of people have negative feelings, but those who love them, like me, can often get a bit...snooty. Is that a good word? There are probably more scholarly ones but I think it works.

  I’ve heard it suggested that people just read classics so that they can feel like they are better than other people. Maybe there are those kinds of people out there, but I know there are many others who really enjoy the actual experience.

  Bleak House is one of those books that you pick up and debate if it’s REALLY worth it for about 30 min before you crack it open and read the first page. I know I did. And it took a long time for me to work my way through. Each new chapter was the same process, and I always ended up glad I did read it. The story snatched me up and carried away. Now that I am done I do have that sense of pride just for actually finishing it. Call it snooty or arrogant, but I did something that very few people in my generation do: I read through a massive classical book.

 But it was an amazing story too. It tugged on my heart, and made my mind reel, and forced me to think about questions that I still don’t have answers too.

  It reminds me a lot of writing. Each new project, even a short story, seems like a mountain. Then there is a moment when you get that burst of speed and everything is going well. You feel like the best of the best. Your work is amazing, you will go far.

  And then the work hits and the frustration comes and you feel like each word you put down is a stain on your life.

  Finally, after what seems like forever, you break out the other side and you have a full book. An amazing experience. No matter where it goes from there.

   With most things in life, the harder it is to get it, the more valuable it is. What are you waiting to pursue? What seems like it’s too much for you to take on. If you invest your time you might find that the journey itself is well worth it.