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So, I Watched Stranger Things Season Two

  I’m so cliche, and I don’t regret it one bit. Stranger Things took the Netflix-viewing world by storm last year and this year my social media feed was alive with the people broadcasting their Stranger Things binge. But really, I'm a Speculative Fiction author. What isn't there to love about a show full of Sci-fi, Horror, and fantasy at its best!

  This weekend was the closest thing I had to a real weekend for a long time. Granted, I had NaNo and a lot of things I was SUPPOSED to be doing that I just didn't, but sometimes a girl needs some chill. So I did spend most of the weekend with my face in the computer screen, escaping the world for a short trip to Hawkins.

  I wasn’t letting myself expect much. I was hoping to enjoy it. I rarely watch TV these days and I don’t like taking risks, giving up writing time for something like mindlessly consuming media. Even if I do think that watching TV can help fuel your creative process if used correctly.

 Point being, I wasn’t disappointed. Here I thought I could get away with an episode here or there. Instead, I sat through every episode in the course of two days...during NaNoWriMo. Hmmm. I did still get my word count in. Sort of.

  Other than one episode that can be best described as...a hiccup...the season was still a great one. (If you've seen it, you probably know exactly which episode I'm talking about too, don't you) I do think that Season One had a bit of a leg up on this one. Season One had a bit more of the “horror” aspect for me, and more tension because everything was still a mystery. The whole concept was new and exciting. Season two started off a bit slower and the tension built steadily. The final two or three episodes really brought the tension that is so familiar to this show.

  I really enjoyed how much this season introduced new characters and built on the existing characters who hadn’t been so well established in the earlier season. Will took “El’s” place as the plot-driver for most of the episodes, and Lucas and Dustin had much more expansive roles than before. As did, surprisingly, Steve.  There were moments when I did wish that El had the prominence of the previous season, especially when her character was the key to the climactic scene after being almost entirely uninvolved with the plot up to that point.

  However the themes of friendship, family, sacrifice, and courage were all just a strong, and it was great to see the other characters get to bring those across. I also loved to see some added complexity in the story with the replacement of “Papa” from season one.

  It’s hard to follow up a show well. Seasons three and four of Voltron showcase that fact clearly. But overall this was a great addition to the existing canon. What’s more, it had a nice solid resolution, which is rare to find in a show these days. The creators are respectful of their audience, giving them a feeling of fulfillment while leaving hints about the future of their show. And really, unless something horrifying happens, this show isn’t going anywhere soon.

  What about you? Have you binge-watched Season 2 yet? Do you agree with my thoughts?