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Community Week: Author Spotlight. Sarah K. L. Wilson

Author Spotlight: Sarah K. L. Wilson

 One of the greatest things about Indie Publishing is the welcoming writing community. I got my first taste of this community when I started experimenting with posting some of my stories online. During this time I had the good fortune to meet Canadian, self-published author, Sarah K. L. Wilson.

  Sarah publishes mostly in Science Fiction and Fantasy, though she has put out a Historical fiction and a fantastical Satire as well. I first stumbled on a free copy of her Young Adult Science Fiction “The Matsumoto Trilogy” in early 2016 and found myself sucked in entirely. As someone who isn’t a regular reader of Young Adult Literature I was surprised by just how immersed I was in the beautifully built world and engaging characters.

  When Sarah’s Satire “Fort Rewind” hit the market I picked up a copy and found myself completely in awe again. Despite it's unconventional premise, (Or perhaps because of it) this book was easily my favorite read of 2016 and contained all the subtlety and humor that I could wish for as well as intelligent and powerful messages seeded throughout.

  At the beginning of this year, I was lucky enough to get an ARC of Sarah’s new YA Fantasy, released just this January, “Teeth of the Gods”. Once again, I was sucked in and the plot carried me along at such a pace it was hard to keep my head on. Sarah has a marvelous talent for world building and the layers of culture, language, and texture that she added to this book made it feel as if I had picked up a piece of history and not a fantasy novel. 

 If you are a reader who enjoys Young Adult Science Fiction with fast paced and immersive worlds, you should check out Sarah K. L. Wilson. I assure you, her work is well worth it.

You can find Sarah’s website at Be sure to sign up for her newsletter. Her books can be found on Amazon at