So, I Read Under the Skin

   I don’t get enough chances to brag about my writing partners. Seriously, guys. When you are a self-published you don’t have an amazing team of writing professionals built in like you do if you get a traditional publishing deal. So what do you do? You grow it organically with friends and fellow industry professionals.

  Editors, cover designers, but most importantly: Critique Partners. These other authors have their fingerprints over every work in our finished manuscript. So I’m lucky that my writing partners are both amazing.

  This new book by E.B. Dawson impressed that truth on me even more. Under the Skin is the third book in the Creation of Jack series. This is a Science Fiction series with a very non--traditional female protagonist, a large cast of well developed characters, several fast-paced action scenes and deep thoughts packed into pretty words. There were many moments when I stopped to reread sentences of this book because they were just so beautiful. And many more when I cackled at the witty dialogue from these snarky characters.

   Jack, the main character, is the best of the “strong female character” trope. She’s not masculine, and she’s not devoid of anything but her ability to fight, and she's not overpowered. Instead, she is a character who is deeply moving in her love, her determination, her sacrifice, and her ability to inspire not only the other characters, but the reader as well.

  In this book, more than any of the others, E.B. Dawson uses pacing brilliantly, to pack the story with both meaning and action. There were parts in this book where my heart was pounding. Parts where I could barely stand the tension. And some parts where my cold, romance-hating heart just melted. And through it all, I was fully invested in everything that happened.

   Guys, this book is a brilliant third installation into the series and I cannot wait to see what E.B. Dawson does next. If you haven’t read these books yet, you need to pick them up immediately. And pre-order Under the Skin now, before the price goes up. They are great books for any active lover of the Sci-Fi genre.

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