So, I Read Out of Darkness

 Sometimes art can be pretentious. There is a certain perception of artists and writers in popular fiction. It depicts these kids with their heads in the clouds, looking down at the rest of humanity as sell outs. It imagines the artist hiding messages in their work that leave the community scratching their head and struggling to understand. That, of course, can be the truth sometimes. 

  What that depiction fails to realize is the hard work that goes into art. As someone who has worked with both the written word and fine art, I am constantly amazed at just how much finishing a project takes out of me. All that hard work isn’t to confuse our audience. Usually, the best themes are obvious enough but made smoother by the layers of entertainment around them. A spoon full of sugar, right?

 For instance, I recently wrote about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. If I asked you for a theme, you would be quick to say something along the lines of “Family isn’t always blood”. But when you were watching the movie did you stop to dissect it or did you just enjoy it?

  Recently I was able to connect to an author who happened to grow up on the same Island as me. Even before we formed a close friendship I wanted to read her Sci-Fi novel “Out of Darkness”. Reading it and the follow-up book “Into the Void” was a lot of fun. She has built a world that is easy to immerse yourself in. Full of politics, action and deep relationships, The Creation of Jack series is a real blast. It doesn’t stop there. The author E.B. Dawson filled her story with themes of healing, found family and self-value. Because you are enjoying the book, you don't stop to think about how much you are learning. That is what art is all about: using entertainment to speak to something deeper.

   What are some of your favorite themes in popular books and movies?