Where We've Been and Where We're Going

 The day is finally here. After a lot of work, a lot of trepidation, and a few good old pep talks in the mirror, Revelation is published and available to the public. It’s an odd thing, to be a published author. It is something that I’ve wanted to do since I could remember. My whole life was shaped by books.

  Revelation might seem like a small book, but it is just the beginning. Over the past year and a half, I have labored to write the entire Malfunction trilogy as well as the Prequel novella. As of this time, I am working on the third draft of the first book in the trilogy: Malfunction. Book Two, Disintegration, is in the same place, having passed through the first and second draft as well as the first round of beta reading with my talented Critique Partners. The final book, Connection, is freshly finished in the first draft and I will soon be digging into revisions for my Critique Partners.

  It is a labor-intensive process, but a great joy. I am not the only one who has worked hard on my books. I have not only my two Critique Partners (who I will introduce you to someday, trust me! Both are very talented) but I have many other beta readers who carefully sift through every scene and sentence to provide the smoothest read possible. Their feedback is genuinely the most important part of the process.

  After my Critique Partners and Beta readers get a chance to rip it apart and I’ve polished the final draft through an inch of its life, I send off my baby to my editor. This part is probably the most painful. It’s one thing showing a finished product to your beta readers and saying “show me how to be better.” It’s another sending it off to a professional and saying, “This is good as it’s gonna get. Ready, Aim, FIRE!”

  As rough as the process is, the finished product cannot be argued with. After a couple weeks more of polishing, formatting, polishing, uploading, polishing and a good bit of jumping and waving as the author (little ol’ me) wails “Please, give me a chance. Read my book.”, and suddenly it’s real.

  It’s crazy that I did all this once. The crazier thing is that right now, on my computer, sit three books almost four times the length of Revelations. I have three gorgeous covers hiding from view in my hard drive. I get to do this again and again.

 The exciting thing is, if you are reading this blog post right now, you have decided to come along for the journey. At least a small part of it. Hopefully, you are in for the long run! I am!

  Where is this journey taking us? I have a rough outline of the next few years of publishing lined up, so I can give you a glimpse of where I intend to take us.

 If everything goes to plan, the whole trilogy will be published by January of 2018. I don’t say that with too much confidence. Remember, this is a LOT of work. Malfunction is roughly planned for the end of July and you can look for a cover reveal and a synopsis soon!

  After the full trilogy is published I will be working in another “world” for a while. It will not be too long. I already have the rough outline of a follow-up trilogy planned. In this installment, I will be exploring the aftermath of the Malfunction trilogy in some detail.

  After the release of this trilogy, I will probably dabble around in some other worlds again, but another installment in the world of the Malfunction Trilogy is coming. I have the rough plans (mostly characters, and some ghosts of awesome scenes) planned for an apocalyptic series depicting the fall of civilization when the alien invaders from the original trilogy invade. This is one that I am most excited for. All that to say for now is: "save some room for dessert!"

   For now, I will have to leave you with the Prequel novella and the promise of a cover reveal next week. I look forward to sharing my world with you!