Character Interview

This week we are going to have a little fun. It is the last week before Revelation comes out. I am so excited. I think my absolute favorite thing about both reading and writing is the characters. Because of that, I figured I’d let you meet my main character a bit early. My Critique Partner, S.M. Holland, has been so good as to play the role of the Interviewer in this little scenario. She’s asked some great questions. I love Cowl’s voice, and It’s always fun to play up his personality.

 As you will soon find out, my Critique Partner is just a little bit fond of Cowl.

       Interviewer: "Hello Cowl Coven, love of my life."

Cowl: “I don’t know you. This is weird. Should I maybe have a lawyer present?”

       Question 1: "How did you get selected for your current career in the Hub?"

Cowl:  “I am really, really smart and I guess that’s where needed they smart people. Either that or they wanted to keep my busy with boring stuff so I didn’t take over the world.”

       Question 2: "What is the type of training you received?"

Cowl: “Well, There isn’t any sort of accelerated program or anything, so I got the same start as any idiot kid would. Basics, until I hit thirteen. You know, reading, writing and ‘rytmatic. It was boring. I blame my trouble causing on a lack of stimulation.

  “After I graduated, they slotted me for work in the IT department and they stuck me in there for my internship. That, I did graduate out of early. Mostly because I’d already hacked most of the shit they were trying to teach me to use.”

  “That’s when they stuck me in my little glass room to slave away the rest of my adult life. I’m calling myself an the way.”

      Question 3: "What was your brother’s job?"

Cowl: “Starke didn’t get the “genius” gene, though he was sneaky as hell. Mostly, he didn’t test well, so they stuck him on a blue collar job maintaining the Hub’s walls. He wasn’t much good at it, mostly cause he didn’t give a shit.”

     Question 4: "Are you able to switch jobs, or are you stuck with the one they give you?"

Cowl: “Sometimes, if something important opens up, the City will move you around. Mostly you just rot away in the same hell for the rest of your shitty ass life.

    Question 5: "How did you (And your brother) end up running for the black market?"

Cowl: Starke let me tag along with him since he didn’t want to hang out at home with me. I know, the epitome of responsibility, my big bro. He got into it with a friend of his when he was younger and just kinda kept going.

    Question 6: "When do they put the chip in the back of your head for use in the Sims?"

Cowl: Ah, my little friend. That goes in right around the first month. It depends a bit on circumstances...if the DNA tests show anything unusual. They have to get it stuck into the brain stem before they develop too far. Delightful, huh?

    Question 7: "How do they put it in?"

Cowl: “It’s a pretty simple surgery. The hard part is not killing you.”

  Question 8: "Is virtual reality the only way you can be entertained in the Hub?"

Cowl “If you are lazy, sure. I liked to be a bit more inventive. Usually, it involves causing trouble, but all the best entertainment is illegal.”

  Question 9: "What do you like to do for entertainment?"

Cowl: “I make my own fun. Shoot stuff. Build stuff. Hack into places I’m not supposed to be. Break shit. I’m generally a good old fashioned trouble-maker.”

  Question 10: What’s your IQ?

Cowl: “IQ? What century are you from? That’s so outdated. Are you gonna ask my Myer’s Briggs type and astrological sign while you are at it? Guess my personality from my blood type?

 " I’m a genius, so I guess it’d be...what...over 140. Tests are worthless though. They are too subjective. I’m good with math and stuff, my brain doesn’t shut up about it. I’m good at thinking fast in a tough situation if I care enough to be focused. When it comes to stuff like marketing and stuff I’m shit. People are stupid and I don’t wanna put up with all that. Anything with psychology I have to work really hard at and normally, I don’t care enough to try.

 "So, yeah, I’m smart. Unless I get drunk. I’m a really dumb drunk.”I hope you have enjoyed this brief introduction to Cowl Coven. It was fun writing it.