Community Week: Meet My MC Tag

 This week is Community week. During Community week I engage in the Indie writing community through spotlights, interviews, guest posts, or just whatever I think of at the moment. The goal of Community Week is to raise awareness in the industry and introduce you to some great indie authors. If you have ideas for Community Week or want to be involved in some way, be sure to comment below or contact me.

 I don’t have an active youtube account, but I do spend a good amount of time there. I like to pretend it’s all for the use of research, which I do indulge in a lot, but we all know how one can get sucked into inane videos while puttering around. One type of video that I enjoy but is still useful if not downright productive, is the booktube and authortube communities. I love books, so of course, I can waste a good amount of time watching other people talk about them.

  One channel that I’ve been really enjoying lately is Wolfshot Publishing, a booktube/authortube mashup channel from an Australian, indie author named Cameron Cross. I always appreciate finding an indie author who is willing to share their success, and Cam’s videos are entertaining and often informative. While I have not yet read Cam’s books, I have had the chance to listen to a portion that he read on his channel and was very impressed with the immersive quality of the writing. I highly suggest you check out his work.

   For this week’s blog post I decided to participate in something I’ve always wanted to do: a book tag. More accurately, an author tag. Because I don’t actively participate on you tube, I will just have to write out my answers, so this post might be a good deal longer than what is typical for me.

  This tag is called the “Meet My MC” tag and you can find the original by Wolfshot Publishing here:

  For this tag, I will be using the Male Protagonist of my biopunk, post-apocalyptic trilogy, Bastille King.

  Introduction: Bastille is a super soldier in a futuristic world destroyed by alien beasts. Genetic engineering and a lifetime of training have turned Bas into an intimidating weapon. Despite that, he is best described as a gentle giant. He's a born leader with a head for tactics and strategy, though he works best when he has to think on his feet. An extrovert, Bas is quick to trust and loyal when things get rough. His worst trait, however, is his tendency towards bloodlust. Once he gets going, it's hard to stop. 


Q1: Which character from a popular book/series would make a good best friend for your MC?

  If we were talking TV shows, my quick pick would be Shiro from Voltron, but that’s just because I’m a bit obsessed right now. From a popular book series, I can see Bas getting along well with Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games after he's aged a bit. The two have a good deal in common, and Peeta’s calm and somewhat needy personality would balance out Bas’ bloodlust. Cowl might just kill Peeta, though. He likes that best friend position.

Q2: Which character from a popular book/series would give your MC an interesting fight?

  The Joker, from the Batman comics, would pose an interesting challenge. The Joker’s habit of being cruel and intrusive would play off Bas’ mental illness and provoke his tendency to rush into bad situations prematurely. The Joker would easily be intelligent enough to play with those patterns and take advantage of Bas’ weaknesses. 

Q3: Which character from a popular book/series would make a good romantic interest for your MC?

 Kitty Scherbatsky from Anna Karenina is my favorite pick. She is wise, even-tempered and generous with her safety and comfort. She might be able to do him a lot of good. 

 Q4: Which story from a popular book/series would your MC feel most comfortable being thrown into?  

  World-wise, Hugh Howey’s “Wool” might be a good place for him.  Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game” has some similarities. Neither matches the intensity of the plot so while I haven’t read it, I think Pierce Brown’s “Red Rising” might be a good story for him to participate in. From what I’ve read and heard of reviews, the stories have a similar feel.

Q5: Which story from a popular book/series would your MC be completely out of place in?

 With Bas being the living, breathing weapon he is, any modern, contemporary, light-hearted story wouldn’t know what to do with him. I think one of my favorite images might be Bas showing up in the middle of a “Pride and Prejudice” tea, accidently smashing through the dishes and lace while the woman screamed and the men shook their cane’s at him.

Q6: Your MC is being sorted into a Hogwarts House, which one do they get?

 If he were sorted purely on his personality, I would say that Bas would probably be placed with me in Hufflepuff. With the training working against that, however, Bas fits easily into Gryffindor.

Q7: If you could meet your MC in real life, what would you say?

 Any Author would say “I’m sorry.” I’ll leave that unsaid then, and I would say, “You aren’t weak. They only say that because they tried to steal your humanity and you were strong enough to hold on to it.”

 Did you enjoy reading about Bastille? Be sure to check out the original Author Tag on Youtube, watch and like Cam’s original video, and find his books “Architects of the Gifted”. Are you an author? Comment below with any of your answers to these questions. I’d love to hear them.