So, I Watched Rogue One

It finally happened. I know. I’m a bit late to game, right? That’s ok. I never claimed I was cutting edge.

  My husband and I ended up being almost alone in the theater. We got our seats in the plush, reclining seats, winced at the loud music (hubby decided the front seats were a good spot) and tried to settle into a movie without snacks. We, like so many in the new year, are attempting to lose weight.

  I know this will not be the most popular opinion but I’m going to be honest: we weren’t impressed with the movie. Despite beautiful cinematography and an engaging subject matter, I had a really hard time believing the story I was being told.

  The opening scene invites us into a somewhat overused, but not at all tired concept: a little girl witnessing a tragedy done to her family and only just managing to stay hidden from the enemy. Some things felt a bit forced in this scene. Some of them are explained later in the film, some are left hanging.

  In the very next scene we are slingshotted forward into a different time period with a different character and a scene that is just confusing enough to kick the audience out of the film while they scan their memories of the original movies for information.

 This seemed to be the next couple of scenes were just like this: scattered, random and heavily dependent on information from the previous movies. I can’t blame them for trusting that the audience already had the details of the World. Star Wars has been a shaping influence on Western culture. What I did expect was not having to stop and reorient myself every couple of minutes as they wove in the existing timeline with their new interpretations.

   The scattered opening and over-extended cast of characters were not the main issues I had with the movie. While the movie had a plot and a pretty decent one at times, I couldn’t for the life of me understand the motivations of the characters. While the main characters themselves had some modicum of reasoning behind their actions, the political system in place seemed to be driven by the needs of the script alone.

  Despite a good premise, excellent acting, and good character development, Rogue One ended up stumbling for me because they tried to take in too many good things at once. Fitting in as many characters as they were juggling with a realistic political structure driving an already top-heavy world ended up toppling what could have been an excellent movie.

  How much is this like our own lives. I grew up on a mountain top on a tropical Island and one thing I don’t think I will ever get used to is the amount of stress we as Westerners subject ourselves too. There can be too much of a good thing, and sometimes we pile it on until we’ve traded in full lives for full schedules. I’m in the process of focusing my own schedule right now and it's amazing just how many "important things" I've managed to add. The real question is, why are thy so important? 

  Maybe if they'd asked that question with Rogue One, we would have had a more streamlined movie to enjoy. 

  I know my opinion of Rogue One is not the common one. Most people I've talked to seem to really like it. What did you think of the movie? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.